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Why Choose Mediware: Our cutting-edge technology and support speaks for itself!

See what our customers are saying about us across the home care markets:

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“Using a retail system, we had no organized way to track orders. With CPR+, we can automatically track orders throughout the entire specialty process.”

Andrew Reeves, R.Ph., Founder and CEO, OptiMed Pharmacy, Inc.


“CPR+ adapts easily to manage and customize unique workflows, so we can work more effectively with manufacturers and other partners.”

Jonathan Ogurchak, Senior Pharmacy Manager, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy

“Our retail pharmacy software couldn’t handle the unique workflows of specialty pharmacies. Our choice was simple, CPR+!”

Ray Bailey, Pharmacy Manager, RX To Go

“Owning our data is key to our business survival; CPR+ allows our specialty pharmacy to thrive.”

Ray Bailey, Pharmacy Manager, RX To Go

“This technology allows physicians to access real-time information about their patients as well as streamline the intake process by getting the correct information about the patient the first time.”

Matt Wills, VP Corporate Development, Option One

“It would be far too costly to prepare the custom reports we must send to manufacturers using a third party vendor. With CPR+, we can extract data on our own and create reports to meet biopharma requirements.”

Matt Wills, VP Corporate Development, OptionOne

“CPR+ for HME has streamlined our business and incorporated a versatile paperless system that has thrust our business ahead of our competitors.”

Charles Russell, Info. Systems Manager, Greene Respiratory Services

“CPR+ delivery module has really helped us track what has been delivered, what’s pending, what’s in progress, ensures signatures are obtained on the device, as well as improve efficiencies with confirming tickets.”

Tami Maine, DME Director, Carter Healthcare

“The document management feature in CPR+ was a huge leap for us, we now have less paper handling, and can save time!”

Mary Lou Pease, Billing Manager, Valley Children’s Home Care

“CPR+ is extremely easy to use and with the enterprise application you can’t go wrong. We were completely new to Home Infusion when we purchased this program, but CPR+ support has helped us along very nicely!! The online training courses were/are exceptional!! Thanks for all the understanding and help along the way!!!”

Lynette Lorenz, Marquette General Home Infusion


“Patients put their trust in us. We put our trust in Mediware Reimbursement Services.”

Brian Simonds, Director, Baystate Home Infusion & Respiratory Services

“The on-site training was extremely helpful. New employees as well as established employees felt they gained increased knowledge in their field to better do their job.”

Nancy M., Option Care Infusion

“We learned several time saving and cost efficiency techniques. I highly recommend an on-site visit.”

Galina G., Providence Infusion

“The virtual on-site training is excellent for getting up to speed on new or unused features.”

Beth W., New England Life Care

“I have used, and very much like, the online training. It’s very clear, concise, and easy to understand.”

Lauren H., Marquette General Hospital Home Infusion

“Never have I been dissatisfied…with the online training. Thanks.”

Kimi S., Pharmacare dba Value Drugs

“The online training courses are exceptional.”

Lynette L., Marquette General Hospital Home Infusion

“The biggest byproduct of CPR+ is the 5-star customer service that their support system provides us. We have become like family–and they all know me by first name!”

Mary Lou Pease, Billing Manager, Valley Children’s Home Care

“I have been a part of many software installations and implementations over the years, I can say that your staff is by far the best group of support people I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Tim Woodward, NuLife Med, IT Director

“Your customer service department is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with….and not just in this industry!!!”

Marilu. R., BioScrip, Inc.

“Absolutely perfect customer service with extremely knowledgeable technicians.”

Jeremy Ingle, Software Developer, Infusion Plus

“This is literally the only technical support line I actually look forward to calling, as 99% of my problems are diagnosed and resolved so quickly.”

Randall Higgins, Basic Home Infusion

“Again, and again, and again, I am amazed and impressed by your support staff. Their level of knowledge is unbelievable… .”

Lynn V., Long Beach Memorial

“As always, excellent customer service.  AND I always hang up knowing another little trick to make billing easier!”

Amber Oliver, Advantageous Medical Devices LLC

“I always get amazing service when I call. Excellent and clear service is important to me and is a corner that should never be cut.  Thank you!”

Brenda Anshanslin, Hoffman Homecare

“As an IT Manager, I have had experience with support sessions on many levels, and I must say that the level of support that we received from Mediware’s support staff was excellent.”

Omar Velez, IT Manager, Meds DirectRX

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