CareTend: Streamlining Home Infusion Like No Other in the Industry

Because the home infusion industry is changing, Mediware has responded with CareTend, a forward-thinking .Net solution designed to meet your needs now and into the future. CareTend, which includes the best features of our popular CPR+ system, offers a scalable platform with the capacity to manage home infusion businesses from startup to enterprise volume. Whatever your model, CareTend adapts to your unique requirements and gives you the time to focus on patient care.

Fill more prescriptions with real-time workflow tracking

Keep your business on track by using CareTend’s queue-based workflow, which gives you a complete view of all orders that are currently in progress using a single dashboard tool.

Increase collections and reduce bad debt

Rely on Mediware’s trusted team of more than 60 billing specialists for complete outsourced billing and collections, partial outsourcing, consulting, and due diligence services. With our proven track record of lowering bad debt to 5% or less, achieving cash-to-net revenue of 97%, and lowering DSO below 50 days, you can’t go wrong.

Prepare medications correctly every time

Automatically generate compounding instructions so that pharmacists accurately fill every order and process more prescriptions each day with CareTend’s e-prescribing capabilities.

Deliver more with CareTend mobile delivery tools

Improve productivity by delivering more in less time with CareTend Anywhere mobile technology. Connect your office staff with drivers in the field using any Internet-enabled device and Google Chrome, Safari, Android, or iOS.

Track inventory in seconds with barcode technology

Whether you have a single location or multiple sites, CareTend tracks your inventory in real time so that you always know actual inventory counts.

Eliminate billing headaches and reduce denials

CareTend’s complete revenue cycle management tools allow you to send clean claims the first time so that you can bill quickly, reduce denials, and minimize write-offs.

Gain a 360-degree view of your business with custom business intelligence

Eliminate spreadsheets and static data that becomes outdated within seconds. Instead, rely on CareTend’s real-time business intelligence tools that slice and dice your data in any format, enabling you to quickly satisfy payer, manufacturer, accreditation, and internal stakeholder requirements.

Go paperless and reduce human error

Quickly locate patient information with CareTend’s 100% paperless document management. From intake to billing, all patient information is stored inside the system so that claims always include required documentation.