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Experience the Freedom of Owning Your Data

Now you can liberate yourself from the confinements of traditional data management systems with our new breakthough in HME/DME software — CareTend. You gain complete control of your data like you’ve never had before:

  • Run any report you want — via SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or a third party
  • File claims on your timetable — not when your software provider says you can
  • Choose the vendors you work with — CareTend equips you to work with experts in reporting, reimbursement, staffing and more!
  • Manage your software in-house or hosted through Mediware

Workflow Management – Launch customized dashboards that track metrics in real time with instant notification warnings.

Point-Of-Sale – Grow your retail sales without the cost of expensive hardware.

Inventory Management – Track every piece of medical equipment, along with all of your supplies in real time with barcode scanning technology.

Revenue Management – Submit clean claims the first time to minimize payer denials and reduce DSO with faster reimbursement.

Document Management – File documents electronically to ensure compliance and minimize errors.

Reporting & Analytics – Report on live data in the system and easily spot errors with real-time exception reporting.

Delivery Management – Bill quicker with automated delivery tools that capture patients’ signatures and update your system seamlessley from the field.

Competitive Bidding – Identify patients in competitive bidding zones to ensure that you ship only what you can be paid for.

CPAP & BIPAP Compliance – Meet all Medicare and payer requirements with proactivce documentation to ensure that you get paid.