Integrate Delivery Processes with CareTend

Patients and their families rely on you to deliver their medications on time without fail. With CareTend, you are able to deliver on that promise by using innovative tools that connect your billing staff, suppliers, delivery drivers and patients in one flexible and reliable system.  You will be able to readily adapt to changes in patient requests as well as bill quicker, plan routes efficiently and confirm that deliveries are in patients' hands. 

Equip your drivers with real-time access

CareTend automates the entire process, from intake to completion, which allows your drivers instant access to delivery information while in the field. Being able to connect your internal staff and drivers simultaneously ensures that your claims can be submitted as soon as patient signatures are captured.

  • Add barcodes to each work order to expedite the delivery and tracking process 
  • Scan each item as it leaves your facility to verify the order and adjust inventory automatically
  • Log every detail of the order including the date and time when a delivery ticket is created, confirmed and billed
  • Allow patients to automatically generate new orders for drivers through the web portal 

Monitor deliveries anywhere

Patients will remain confident in your delivery services because you can track your infusion medications and supplies in real time and ensure prompt delivery.  

  • Oversee driver productivity in the field with automated notifications for each delivery
  • Track deliveries and receive confirmations on completion with our UPS and FedEx interface
  • Equip drivers with access to the system through any web browser using smartphone integration
  • Interface with McKesson Direct to automate the ordering of enteral nutrition products and other supplies for direct delivery to patients' homes

Field access with Delivery Plus

With our hand-held Delivery Plus device along with the delivery manager tool, you can automate all aspects of your delivery process and connect your drivers to the office in real time.

  • Securely access your patient, inventory and delivery information from a wireless or cellular connection
  • View the daily delivery schedule and resequence deliveries for optimal route planning 
  • Update orders and send new delivery tickets to drivers in real time
  • Capture patient signatures and add notes to delivery tickets