Speed delivery with tools that connect you with drivers, suppliers and patients

With Delivery Plus and the CPR+ Delivery Manager, you can automate all aspects of your delivery process and give your drivers a tool that lets them stay connected to the office in real-time.

Increase order accuracy AND reduce fulfillment time

CPR+ Order Verification barcodes each work order. Your staff scans each item as it leaves the pharmacy, automatically verifying the order, flagging any errors and adjusting inventory automatically.

  • Automate tracking of recurring supplies, so you know when the next delivery is due and when to contact the patient to schedule a delivery
  • Log the person, date and time when a delivery ticket is created, confirmed, billed, etc.
  • Let patients access their order information and place new orders with CPR+ Web Portal

Decrease delivery costs 

  • CPR+ interfaces with McKesson Direct to automate the ordering of enteral nutrition products and other supplies for direct delivery to patients' homes
  • Receive confirmations back to CPR+ without lifting a finger
  • CPR+ interfaces with UPS® and FedEx® to easily track courier deliveries and receive auto-confirmations on completion
  • Integrate with Strategic Healthcare Program (SHP)
  • Equip drivers with Web Portal / Smartphone Integration