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Moving DIN’s into the 21st Century: From Blood Flow to Cash Flow

Wednesday, June 21 | 2017 Learn how blood centers and blood transfusion service providers can reduce costs and increase efficiency by modernizing their donor identification (DIN) labeling systems. Richard Kriozere, co-founder and CEO at Digi-Trax Corporation, along with Michelle Jorgensen…

Recorded Webinar: Protect Your Patients with Seamless Integration of Epic BPA Bedside and HCLL Transfusion

Register for the free webinar to see how Epic and HCLL integrate to improve patient safety.

Recorded Webinar with Dr. Greg Denomme: Integration of Mass-Scale Cell Genotyping into the Blood Supply Chain

Watch the recorded webinar to hear Dr. Greg Denomme, senior investigator at Blood Research Institute and director of immunohematology and transfusion services at BloodCenter of Wisconsin, discuss the effect that red cell genotyping has on the supply chain and the challenges faced by blood centers to utilize the data.

Recorded Webinar: Ten Ways to Improve Document Management with KnowledgeTrak™

Watch the recorded webinar to hear Doug Norvell, product manager, discuss 10 steps you can take to improve the quality and efficiency of your document management processes, and how KnowledgeTrak DMS systematizes these concepts to reduce costs and improve the quality and speed of document management.

Recorded Webinar: The Benefits of Integrating Your Document Management and Learning Management Systems

Watch the recorded webinar to hear Doug Norvell, product manager, speak about the benefits of tightly integrating your document management and learning management systems, and the advantages it provides for everyone on your staff.

Making the Case for Patient Blood Management

Is your patient blood management program achieving these results? 54% reduction in direct blood costs $3.6 million saved by reducing blood use by 32% 26% reduction in blood use first 15 months Has your hospital tried to build a program…

Recorded Webinar: Easier, Faster, Better Document Management with KnowledgeTrak™

Watch the recording to hear Doug Norvell, Product Manager, discuss how KnowledgeTrak’s LEAN approach to document management helps simplify your processes and eliminates wasted time and effort.

Recorded Webinar: Learning Management System Implementation Strategies

Watch the recording to learn the keys to a successful learning management system implementation. Nancy Steffen, Manager of Quality Management Systems, discusses the keys to BloodCenter Wisconsin’s LMS implementation success.

Survival Guide for Blood Banks

Download the PDF of slides from the webinar for insight on the 4 steps that make transitions run smoother when your hospital is implementing a new HIS.

Recorded Webinar: Shape-up Your Document, Training and Compliance Management with KnowledgeTrak™

Watch the recording to see how you can easily manage your training, competencies and SOP’s online. The webinar provides an overview of KnowledgeTrak™ 2013. Ensure your staff has documented competence and is in compliance. KnowledgeTrak’s integrated system saves valuable employees hundreds of hours each year.