Simplify your practice management with one tool that does it all

AlphaFlex brings together all the information from across your practice in one end-to-end solution. The results: you manage with better data…you react faster to important developments…and your staff work more productively.

See all the key facts you need in vivid dashboards

You can easily monitor all the key metrics affecting practice performance in real time. AlphaFlex dashboards track all your important financial and clinical statistics, including average days to bill services, denied claims analysis, paid claims rate, total number of consumers served and average number of days to resolve a complaint.

You can also run useful reports from an extensive list of management, financial, and operating reports. Or use the powerful custom reporting feature to create any type of report you choose.

Automate scheduling to maximize staff productivity and patient service

The AlphaFlex scheduler offers customizable scheduling that fits any type of service you provide. Your staff can access the schedule from any browser-based device to stay on top of their workload anytime, anywhere.

See alerts for all your critical action items

You can set up specific alerts aimed to help you manage company, clinical and human resource deadlines. Alert your scheduling staff of client issues, remind them of upcoming license expirations and more.

Assign tasks and track completion

AlphaFlex lets you assign specific intake tasks to separate staff within an agency. The work may be done by several staff members, but you still have a single point of contact to ensure tasks are completed correctly.

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