Increase your collection rate with the cutting-edge tools in AlphaFlex

AlphaFlex is a completely managed billing solution for providers in the mental health, substance use, and intellectual/developmental disabilities fields. Our customers have dramatically improved their billing collection rate using AlphaFlex!

You also maintain control over all aspects of your practice’s billing. The entire system is simple, automated and fully HIPAA compliant.

Submit and approve claims with the click of a button

You submit claims and reconcile billing electronically with almost any payer in the country as well as a growing number of MCOs. Electronic billing significantly reduces data entry and human error, to help you maximize collections.

Eliminate clearing house costs

AlphaFlex will eliminate most clearing house costs you pay now. It seamlessly captures billing information linked to clinical documentation and creates electronic claims for approval by your internal finance staff.  Once approved, the 837 are automatically submitted to the approved payer.  Electronic responses to claims (835s) are then applied to AlphaFlex automatically when generated by the Payer / MCO.  This will reduce your cost in extra contracts and staff resources, saving you money through improved efficiency!

See real-time claims validation for MCO billing

Our extensive knowledge of MCO claims allows for real-time validation so that you can identify potential denials before even sending the claim. See the status of your claims to MCOs using AlphaMCS within 24 hours.

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